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Gravity is necessary for life on Earth, but not the best influence on our skin. The passing years show once-high facial structures sagging, and skin looking droopy or loose. Nobody wants that, but few of us are interested in taking more dramatic steps like facelifts. We want to keep looking like ourselves – but still find the best possible versions of ourselves. This is where cutting-edge skincare treatments excel.

Palm Valley Ultherapy delivers ultrasound energy to loose skin. The procedure is simple, non-invasive, and delivers gradual and natural-looking results. If you’re interested, the first step is learning whether you’re a candidate. Find our office on the map below, look up directions from your Palm Valley home, and then fill out the quick form below to reach out to our staff. Your consultation is free of charge, and will serve as a blueprint for your upcoming treatment.

Can Skin Tightening Really Be Comfortable?

Ultherapy offers what we refer to as a mini-lift. The results aren’t comparable to those of a facelift – they’re much more subtle and leave you looking exactly like yourself. This is appealing to so many patients because treatment offers a gentle improvement, without giving away the fact that you’ve done anything to your skin.

You may have had an ultrasound at some point, and Ultherapy uses the same energy to effect changes deep within your skin. These ultrasounds are more intense than those used in medical imaging and other traditional applications, and trigger cell renewal and growth in the skin’s structural layers. This deep heating is far more comfortable than other skin tightening methods (especially surgical ones), and it’s not associated with downtime.

Ultherapy has taken further steps to improve patient experience, with a lower-intensity setting called Amplify. This new development doesn’t compromise results; it simply lowers the ultrasound delivery settings, leaving you feeling less discomfort.

If you have questions about this mini-lift, don’t hesitate to contact us. Make this the last year you feel self-conscious about loose skin.

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