Minimize Lines and Wrinkles with BOTOX

Some of the dreaded signs of aging on the face include fine wrinkles, smile lines, and tiny creases near the eyes. BOTOX® is a popular treatment for addressing these issues because it is suitable for all skin types and skin textures. It doesn’t involve treating the skin directly, but rather affects the muscles. Smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines is possible merely by relaxing certain facial muscles.

The Science Behind BOTOX®

Our facial expressions are created when upper-level muscles contract. This pulls the skin in one direction or another, or it simply causes the skin to relax and fold. When we’re young, the skin is healthy and supple, and the movement of muscles doesn’t produce dynamic wrinkling. That changes as we age and mature.

BOTOX® treatment allows us to keep right on smiling without the fear of creating fine lines and wrinkles. This is accomplished through the relaxation of certain muscles in the face. Smiling and frowning can be performed just as easily as before treatment, but the lines and wrinkles don’t appear.

Consultation and Treatment

During a consultation at our office, we examine the client’s face and determine whether or not BOTOX® is the right treatment. During the actual treatment, the BOTOX® solution is skillfully injected into preselected areas.

The full effect of BOTOX® takes some time to manifest, usually between three days and two weeks. Properly administered, BOTOX® is effective in keeping the facial muscles relaxed for up to three to four months. Repeat injections can then be scheduled on a regular basis. Over time, the facial muscles become trained to stay relaxed, so less of the injectable fluid is needed during subsequent treatments.

Advantages Over Other Cosmetic Treatments

Unlike other treatments, BOTOX® is suitable for all skin types and skin tones because the skin itself isn’t being treated. Another advantage is the fact that the treatment is entirely non-surgical. There is no downtime involved after the treatment.

Consult with Us

If you’re not sure which cosmetic treatment will be most effective in getting rid of those annoying fine lines and wrinkles, get in touch with us at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville to learn more about BOTOX®. You can smile with confidence after receiving these injections, and your confidence and self-esteem may get a major boost.

Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville is located in Jacksonville Beach. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation for BOTOX®!

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