Minimize the Appearance of Sun Damage with the Pearl Fusion

Sun damage tends to be one of the most difficult dermatological conditions to treat. It resides in different parts of the skin, and can extend to a large area of any surfaces exposed to the sun. This means that surgery and other invasive methods of excising sun-damaged skin may be out of the question. Non-surgical treatments often have trouble dealing with this damage due to the depth that sun damage can reside.

Pearl Fusion is one treatment designed to aid with the removal of sun-damaged skin. It utilizes a unique method to resurface the skin, which in turn allows the problematic effects of sun damage to be removed while rejuvenating the skin to a more ideal state.

What is the Pearl Fusion?

Pearl Fusion is a type of fractional ablative resurfacing designed to penetrate deep into the skin. It can selectively remove undesirable features by targeting them within the skin. The excess energy also targets some of the nearby undesirable skin cells, which in turn allows the body to remove them and to replace them with new cells. This results in a reduction in dermatological issues while bringing a smoother, plumper appearance to the skin.

Why is the Pearl Fusion Great for Dealing with Sun Damage?

The sun is one of the more harmful things for your skin. The ultraviolet radiation causes the cells to break down in strange ways while promoting degradation of structures like the collagen that gives the skin form. This results in everything from changes in pigmentation to the development of lines and wrinkles. Even the most youthful skin can look years older after repeated exposure to the sun.

The Pearl Fusion splits powerful laser light into “fractions” that allow this energy to penetrate deeply into the skin. It reacts with undesirable structures by safely destroying them, which is what allows it to selectively remove sun-damaged cells without the need for surgery.

These targeted cells are replaced over a period of weeks, which in turn allows for a gradual improvement. This is especially useful for repairing sun damage, as it treats many of the issues that sun damage can cause.

Why Choose the Pearl Fusion?

The Pearl Fusion is a unique treatment that brings the following benefits:

  • It can reverse many of the side effects of sun damage that other treatments may be unable to effectively treat.
  • It’s non-invasive, which means that no surgery is required.
  • It requires less recovery than other comparable treatments due to the fractional nature of this treatment.
  • It produces results in as few as one to two treatments.
  • Side effects tend to be temporary and mild, and discomfort is minimal.

Is the Pearl Fusion Right for Treating Your Sun Damage?

While the Pearl Fusion can offer excellent results when sun damage is involved, there is a limit to what this treatment can repair. To determine if the Pearl Fusion is ideal for reversing your sun damage, set up a consultation at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, located in Jacksonville Beach. We can help determine the best method for making your face more beautiful and youthful. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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