Lip Filler FAQs: How Long Does Volbella Last?

Have you noticed your lips losing volume as you grow older? Are you struggling to muster a genuine smile due to a lack of confidence in the overall appearance of your lips? If so, you could benefit from Juvederm Volbella lip injections. This long-lasting dermal filler injectable can create plump, smooth, youthful lips in minutes with zero downtime. At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL, we offer a wide range of Juvederm dermal filler products to meet all of your aesthetic needs.

What Is Volbella?

Volbella is one of several top-quality Juvederm dermal filler products designed to rejuvenate and lift your skin without surgical intervention. The Juvederm family of fillers contain hyaluronic acid and small amounts of lidocaine to provide effortless, smoothing volume with a pain-free injection process. Each strategic injection can fill and lift the skin, addressing a host of common concerns and allowing you to achieve your desired results instantly. Even better, final results from these injections can last months without follow-up or touchup appointments.

A normal appointment takes less than half an hour to complete, giving you the flexibility you need to fit this treatment into any schedule. The recovery period is minimal for most patients, and you can begin enjoying your new results immediately after your very first treatment. Thanks to its non-invasive nature and body-friendly formula, this filler is considered safe and effective for most patients. It can be used by patients of all ages to give their lips a noticeable boost and restore a younger appearance.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid, which is the main base of Juvederm fillers like Volbella Filler, is a hydrating, naturally occurring sugar that helps keep the skin soft and smooth. In the body, this incredible acid attracts and maintains moisture, keeping various organs and joints well-hydrated and functioning. It is also essential for keeping the skin plump, making it the perfect substance to use in the lips.

In addition to its natural moisturizing properties, Juvederm hyaluronic acid offers the added advantage of cross-linked technology. This molecular modification makes the hyaluronic acid base one of the longest-lasting available in the beauty world today. In addition, it offers a noticeable, dramatic filling effect with added support and structure while maintaining a soft texture that is completely indiscernible from the rest of your skin.

What Concerns Can Be Addressed?

Volbella can improve a number of common concerns in the lips and surrounding skin. Here are some of the most popular areas we can improve with just a single appointment:


As we age, our lips can begin to lose volume. While this is a normal part of growing older, many people decide that they want to restore their lips’ full volume or accentuate this feature with dermal filler injections. This product can fill the upper and lower lip, creating natural volume and attractive, even results.


Our lips can begin to show signs of aging long before the rest of our body. These signs of aging may include fine lines and lack of definition in the lips themselves, which can cause some patients to experience lower self-esteem when they look at their lips in pictures or in the mirror. With an injectable dermal filler, you could see your lips redefined and restored to their original appearance.


The outer borders of our lips often fade over time. When combined with the loss of volume due to aging, fading borders can create the appearance of thin, narrow lips. Many patients choose to have the outer edges of their lips filled, which can create a fuller appearance and give your lips a fresh, youthful glow.


Some patients wish to correct changes in the shape of their lips caused by aging, while others wish to subtly enhance their natural shape to achieve a plumper result. Whatever your goals, our team of professionals can help you create a natural, attractive lip shape. We can also highlight areas like the Cupid’s bow to add a subtle drama to your look.

How Long Does It Last?

Volbella is unique as one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers available. For most patients, final results last up to 12 months without any touch-ups required. In contrast, many competing fillers designed to enhance your lips last just 3-6 months. Our experienced doctor can give you an idea of how long you can expect your own results to last during your initial consultation.

Once results begin to fade, our patients often choose to return to our office for follow-up treatments in order to maintain their ideal image. Since this dermal filler is safe for most patients and able to be used to build and maintain volume over time, you can pursue ongoing treatments for as long as you desire to keep your lips looking their best.

When Is the Best Time to Pursue Treatment?

While dermal fillers are often viewed as anti-aging treatments, Volbella is appropriate for every patient and every stage of life. This filler can be used in patients beginning at the age of 21 to volumize, define, and shape lips to match your ideal image.

Our doctor and trained technicians will help create natural yet noticeable results and can also address a range of concerns you may experience with strategic injections to target thinning lips, fine lines, and more.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

If you’re an adult man or woman who is unsatisfied with the appearance of your lips, you’re likely a good candidate for this treatment. An ideal candidate is healthy, free from any health or medical concerns that may interact negatively with treatment. If you are unsure of whether this treatment is right for you, our doctor will help you evaluate your candidacy during an initial consultation.

What Should I Expect?

If you’re seeking a non-invasive way to revitalize your lips, this product could be right for you. Every patient’s treatment process is unique, but here’s a broad overview of what our patients experience when they come to us for their cosmetic needs.


We start with an initial consultation, which allows you to meet with our doctor and discuss your goals for treatment. During this appointment, our doctor will examine your lips, ask you about your areas of concern, and review your medical history. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you may have about the treatment process or anticipated results in your unique case.

If you are approved for treatment, our doctor will provide you with personalized instructions for how to prepare for your first appointment. It’s essential that you follow these instructions carefully to achieve optimal results from this treatment.


Preparing for dermal filler injections is generally easy for most of our patients. Since this treatment is non-invasive, you don’t need to worry about changing most of your medications. We do recommend that you avoid blood-thinning medications like ibuprofen for at least a week before your first appointment to reduce your risk of bruising after the injections are complete.

In addition, we recommend that you avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours before treatment. In order to ensure a positive treatment experience, we recommend that you use only gentle, tested products in the target area before your treatment. New or untried lip products could cause reactions or irritation that may interact negatively with the treatment process.

We recommend that you avoid any additional treatments in the lip area for two weeks before and after treatment. This may include exfoliating products, which often cause redness and irritation in the skin. Finally, you should take note of any cuts or sores that may appear on or near your lips before treatment and inform our doctor as soon as possible.


On the day of your treatment, we recommend that you avoid wearing any products on or around your lips. Our technician will clean your lips, then use a numbing agent to make sure you’re comfortable before beginning the injection process. They will also examine your lips for any injuries or irritation to make sure that you are able to receive treatment.

Once your lips are numb, our technician will use a fine, small needle to inject the dermal filler into your lips. They will be able to see the volumizing effect immediately and will build symmetrical volume with several strategic injections in various locations. The injection process usually takes just 15-20 minutes.

Once our technician is finished, they will show you your results in a mirror. You should notice an instant improvement in the appearance of your lips, which will appear fuller and more vibrant. Your areas of concern should already appear diminished, while the borders of your lips should be well-defined thanks to the series of injections. Once your appointment is complete, you’ll be able to return to your normal daily activities with zero downtime.


During the first two weeks after treatment, the dermal filler will settle into its final position. It’s important to avoid touching, rubbing, or pressing on your lips as much as possible during this period. You may wear lip products one to two days after treatment, but you should use great care when applying lipstick, gloss, or balm and try not to press on your lips.

Once the product is settled, you can touch your lips normally. We may perform a touch-up session two weeks after your first appointment to enhance your final results.


While your results are visible immediately, you won’t see your final results until two weeks after your appointment. For most patients, there is little difference between the initial and final results. You can expect to enjoy your results for up to 12 months, after which point the hyaluronic acid product will break down and be safely absorbed into the body.

When this happens, you will begin to notice your lips returning to their original appearance. You may also notice some of your concerns reappear. Eight to12 months after the first treatment, most patients schedule follow-up appointments to maintain their results. These follow-up appointments add extra volume and prevent your lips from returning to their original state.

Over time, these appointments may help prevent the development of fine lines, definition issues, and thin lips due to aging by keeping your lips full and hydrated. Our doctor can discuss a personalized treatment plan that fits your goals and schedule during your initial consultation.

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Don’t let your lips keep you from embracing life or loving yourself. With Volbella, you could see your lips rejuvenated with one quick treatment and enjoy your results for years to come. To learn more about this exceptional lip filler, contact our team of experts at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL, to schedule an initial consultation today! We look forward to helping you reach all your cosmetic goals!

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