Learn More about the Q-Switched Laser for Tattoo Removal

Clients who have large or very dark tattoos can benefit from this well-established treatment with a Q-Switched laser. This tool is effective in almost all situations, even with tattoos that won’t diminish with PicoSure™ and Enlighten™ treatments. The pulses that Q-switched lasers produce make them perfect for tackling more challenging tattoo removal situations. If you have had different aestheticians tell you that your tattoo is not a viable candidate for removal, it’s time to talk to the team at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville.
How Do Tattoo Removal Lasers Work?
In general, tattoo removal is conducted with pulsating lasers that work to break up the ink molecules that make up your tattoo. When the pulses are smaller in nature, they work well on light colored inks that don’t encompass a lot of area on your skin. The lasers are applied to the tattoo and a small bit is worked on during each session. Removal will take multiple sessions and the results will vary based on your skin tone as well as the size and color of the body art. Laser light pulsates over the skin and there are different types of lasers that are more effective on certain ink colors than on others.
Is a Q-Switched Laser the Right Tool for My Removal Job?
When your tattoo is large in size, or comprised of dark ink, a Q-switched laser is likely the best option. There is less contact with your skin when this type of laser is used, and the pulsating light shatters the ink pigmentation. You will have a lower chance of experiencing side effects, and a better result with your removal. This tool offers effective removal of a wide range of ink colors, and can work on tattoos that are impervious to other laser removal options. During your treatment, the laser will pulsate into your skin and break up the ink cells. In the next day or two, the broken skin cells will be eliminated from your system and your tattoo will begin to fade.
If you have a large or dark tattoo that you would like removed, it’s time to take action. Visit the team at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach to learn more about your options. Call us today to schedule a consultation to find out if the Q-switched laser is the right tool for your removal job!

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