Lakeside Hair Removal

Recognized as having the most extraordinary laser hair removal services in the region, Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, delivers the finest patient experience in the industry. We are well-known for not only meeting our clients’ expectations in high-tech laser hair removal but we are also well-known for surpassing their expectations again and again! Clients can expect to spend anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes for most laser hair removal treatments. Based upon the procedure, you will discover that hair removal on the upper lip takes considerably less time than laser hair removal on a man’s back! Furthermore, once you have had your first laser hair removal, the treatments which follow will most likely be shorter and the laser hair removal cost will be less expensive due to the fact there is less hair to treat! Moreover, treatment requirements vary based upon the hair density, growth cycle and the area treated. You can expect that there will most likely be six to nine permanent hair removal treatments about six to 10 weeks apart, in order to achieve the optimum results. As a result, most Lakeside residents persist in selecting Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville over all of their competitors.

Lakeside Laser Hair Removal

Lakeside, Florida has close to 31,000 residents and is in Clay County. Jacksonville, home of Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, is slightly more than 22 miles northeast of Lakeside. For Lakeside residents who are looking for the best source of laser hair removal, only need to know one name – Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville. We provide patients with a vast choice of state-of-the-art hair removal techniques like laser hair removal Brazilian. In contrast to our rivals, Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville can be counted upon to deliver the finest results to patients at the more competitive and affordable prices! We are well-known for using the “CoolGlide Laser” which diminishes the discomfort of the hair removal experience so that Lakeside patients can expect they will have very little to absolutely no irritation after their laser hair treatment. Moreover, at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, we recommend that our Lakeside patients purchase some “numbing cream” in the event they require a topical anesthetic for any uncomfortable sensation.

Lakeside Hair Removal Cost

Oftentimes, the absence of hair will occur right away after one or two laser hair removal treatments. However, some individuals may discover that their permanent hair removal takes longer. Studies indicate that most patients will lose between 20% and 30% of their hair after each treatment. On the other hand, you can anticipate that the hair that does grow back after laser hair removal will be much finer and less concentrated. Those persons who have more hair and denser hair will have experience higher hair removal cost. For people with fair hair like blonde, grey and red, will see insignificant results. That’s because the laser targets melanin in the hairs and light hairs don’t have enough melanin for the laser to detect and destroy the follicles. To find out more information about our laser hair removal and to schedule a FREE consultation, call Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville at: (904) 273-5454, today!

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