Don’t Fear: Laser Tattoo Removal is Here

There’s one thing all tattoos have in common: they are permanent. Problem is, not every one of those tattoos is desired, or even well-done. Some of us regret our tattoos instantly, finding that the completed ink doesn’t fulfill our expectations. Others are happy initially, but find that the passing of time brings regrets.

As we grow, we all change – and we have to adapt our choices to fit our new selves. But while a haircut or a makeover may bring your appearance up to speed, it’s a lot more complicated to rethink problem ink. Jacksonville laser tattoo removal can change that.

Once upon a time, tattoo removal meant discomfort, scarring, and permanently changed skin. Today, specialized lasers allow patients to actually remove the ink that’s driving them crazy. And with continually advancing technology, there are new and effective ways to clear and revitalize skin. Read on to learn more about what this means for you – no matter the problem you’ve had with tattoo removal in the past.

My tattoo has light colors – can I still remove it?

Older tattoo removal lasers could only target the most apparent ink, namely dark blues and blacks. But not all of us have the kind of traditional tattoos created with these inks. Today, newer laser options make it possible to remove even light green and blues. The Picosure laser at LSS Jacksonville is especially proficient at getting rid of problematic colors.

My tattoo wasn’t done professionally

While you may think that this means your tattoo will be tougher to remove, the opposite is actually true. Professionally-administered tattoos contain much more ink than their counterparts, and it’s injected deeper into the skin. The cause of this is the standard tattoo gun. If your tattoo was cosmetic (e.g. permanent makeup), or was done non-professionally, it will hold less ink and be simpler to ease from your skin. The laser will also be able to bring results with more superficial treatment.

Tattoo removal sounds too painful

Past tattoo removal methods were far more uncomfortable than today’s. With each new technology, patient comfort becomes more of a possibility. The tattoo removal lasers offered by Dr. Jill Lezaic make it possible for you to see results without putting up with pain. No treatment is worth that kind of stress. With laser tattoo removal, you avoid the discomfort and scarring that followed older methods of treatment.

I’ve tried tattoo removal in the past – and it didn’t work

You may not have received treatment with the best possible laser. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, tattoo removal technology is continually advancing. If you tried to remove a tattoo years ago and didn’t see the kind of results you were hoping for, then we’d love to help give you a second chance. Schedule a consultation if you’re interested in talking specifics. Dr. Lezaic will evaluate your skin, and decide exactly what will be possible. We don’t deal in false expectations. From the moment you meet with our staff, you’ll be aware of the realistic hopes you should have for your tattoo’s removal.

When It’s Time for Jacksonville Laser Tattoo Removal

So when is it time to make the commitment, and remove a tattoo for good? Simply put, it’s the right decision if your tattoo has ever limited your life. This can apply to the social, personal, and professional realms. If you’re ever self-conscious about your ink, then clearing your skin will change your life. Check out our Tattoo Removal Gallery to see examples of what our patients have done for their own tattoos, and get in touch to learn more.


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