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Skin laxity happens to all of us – but some are faced with more dramatic changes. If you heel like your aging is getting the best of you, it’s time to start talking skin tightening. And we don’t mean surgical or overly complicated options. Instead, you could see great results with a simple, non-invasive treatment.

Jacksonville Beach Ultherapy gives patients a way to tighten, lift, and tone sagging skin. Because the ultrasound energy delivered during treatment is so gentle, it can be administered to areas across the face and neck, even delicate ones like the skin underneath the chin.

Do your needs fit the Ultherapy profile? While we won’t be able to answer that without taking a look at you, there are a few clues as to whether you’ll see the results you’re hoping for. Read on to learn more about the procedure, or contact us by filling out the form below. We’ll set up a complimentary consultation, and get you better acquainted with what you can expect.

Who is the Ideal Ultherapy Candidate?

Good candidates have mild to moderately loose skin, with the skin looking and feeling less firm than it once did. This might include a lower eyebrow line, folds or wrinkles on the neck, sagging beneath the chin, sagging eyelids, and lines on the chest/décolletage.

While Ultherapy can serve as an alternative to a facelift, the results aren’t identical. Ultherapy is less dramatic and far more gradual. In the months after treatment, you’ll see the target area lifting and tightening. By the time you’ve achieved full effects, your results can be anywhere from subtle to dramatic, depending on how loose it was to begin with.

Since Ultherapy is so much less involved than a facelift, it’s popular among patients who are younger, aiming for preventive effects on their aging, or seeking gradual, natural-looking improvements. Contact us to discover it for yourself.


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