Is truSculpt Effective?

Some of the latest non-invasive cosmetic treatments use radio frequency energy to sculpt your body, and since they’re non-surgical procedures, they’re much less risky than traditional approaches of fat removal. truSculpt™ is a great example, and it uses heat to sculpt your body. With the help of an advanced applicator, it sends radio frequency waves through targeted areas of your body.

How truSculpt™ Can Improve Your Appearance

During the procedure, radio frequency energy is delivered just beneath your skin, and the waves of energy are effective at heating up the layers of fat located underneath. The heat safely damages the fat cells, but doesn’t harm other tissues within your body.

truSculpt™ is a popular treatment option because it works for many different areas of the body. With virtually no downtime, you can undergo the procedure and go home the same day.

Does truSculpt™ Really Work?

If you’re considering this treatment, you obviously want to know if it works. This is a non-invasive procedure, and by sending RF energy deep into certain fat tissues, it can tighten your skin and reduce fat in targeted areas.

The total number of treatments that you’ll need depends on the areas you’re planning to have treated. The radio frequency energy used during this procedure breaks down the fat cells in your body, and it takes some time to see the results. However, the results can be truly amazing, and the fact that they are gradual will help to make them look natural.

How the Treatment Works

During this innovative treatment, a special hand piece is moved over your skin and used to deliver precise amounts of calibrated radio frequency energy into your skin. After one area is treated, the hand piece is moved to the next. Most patients find the heat from the RF energy very tolerable, and the temperature can be adjusted to suit your comfort level.

Why You Should Consider truSculpt™

It’s not uncommon for people to compare truSculpt™ to CoolSculpting®, but you should know that these procedures are very different. CoolSculpting® is designed to freeze fat cells, and truSculpt™ uses RF energy to heat fat cells. At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, we are proud to offer truSculpt™, CoolSculpting® and a wide variety of other amazing treatments. To put it simply, truSculpt™ is extremely effective. During a consultation, our team can help you determine which fat reduction treatment is right for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office in Jacksonville Beach!

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