How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal in Jacksonville Beach

Are you looking for a permanent way to eliminate hair growth? The team at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers an incredible hair removal technique known as laser hair removal  in Jacksonville Beach. It involves targeting pigment in the hair follicles and destroying it. You will no longer have to spend money and time waxing, shaving and tweezing. After a few months and several sessions, you will have significantly less hair and feel much smoother. Here is how to prepare for the treatment.
Stop Tanning
For most effective laser hair treatment in Jacksonville Beach, your skin needs to be as pale as possible. You should stop tanning at least three to four weeks before your first appointment. You cannot tan in between your treatment sessions either. This is because the pigment in your skin can convert the laser light to heat. Tanned skin will mean that a lower intensity laser will be used to stop your skin from getting burnt. This makes the treatment less effective. You, therefore, should stay away from the sun or spray tans.
Stop Waxing and Tweezing
A month before your appointment for laser hair removal in Jacksonville Beach, you should stop waxing and tweezing. You can opt to shave instead. This is because waxing and tweezing removes the hair from the roots. The laser targets your hair follicles at the source, and if there is no hair to trap the laser, the treatment becomes ineffective.
A few days before your laser hair removal appointment, you will have to stop taking certain medications including aspirin, Tozarac, vitamin E and hydroquinone. This is because they are known to increase skin sensitivity.
Shave the Area
A day before your laser hair removal, you need to shave the area to be treated. The laser works best on freshly shaven hair since follicles absorb the laser better. Long hair usually absorbs all the laser energy thus preventing it from reaching the roots.
Clean Your Skin
Thoroughly clean the area you need to be treated a day before your laser hair removal in Jacksonville Beach. This will ensure that any of the products you use daily are rid of the skin. Such products include lotion, makeup, perfume and deodorants since they affect hair removal.
If you want a beautiful, smooth skin that lasts a lifetime, we have you covered. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers the highest form of technology for hair removal in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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