How Quickly Do Laser Hair Removal Results Show?

Laser hair removal has revolutionized the body-hair treatment world by introducing a procedure that’s quick and efficient. But how quick? If you’ve been struggling with unwanted body hair that literally just won’t lighten up, Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville can help you. Our excel HR™ and CoolGlide® treatments are some of the best choices for those who want to get rid of body hair quickly.


What Happens in Laser Hair Removal?


A handheld device that emits pulses of light is run along the areas that have the unwanted hair. The light targets the follicles and destroys them. It can take a few treatments to get most or all of the hair in a particular section, and some follicles are very resistant. But for the most part, you’ll see a great reduction in the amount of hair growing in the area.


When Will I See Results?


You’ll see visual results quickly. Most people notice a reduction of at least 20% after each laser hair removal treatment. Sometimes you’ll see what appear to be more hairs growing shortly after the treatment, but these are not actually growing — they’re hairs that were under the skin during treatment (i.e., not visible to you) and that are now working their way out of your skin.


Your hair grows in phases, and all of the hair on your body is in different stages at different times. So one laser treatment might zap a bunch of hairs that were growing, but not the follicles that were in their resting phase. So, you’d see these eventually start to grow, and you would go back for another treatment.


After a few rounds, you’ll have a better idea of which hairs or patches might be more resistant to the laser. But even those hairs will show an effect. They should be lighter, finer, and sparser than when you first started treatments.

Results can vary according to hair and skin type. If you’re concerned about what hair reduction after the first laser treatment will be like, you can speak with one of our technicians during your consultation. The vast majority of clients notice immediate benefits that get better and better as the treatments continue.


Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers you a choice of treatments. You don’t have to continue waxing, shaving, or plucking to get smooth skin. Skip the blades and sticky goop, and contact our office today to schedule your consultation! Our office is located conveniently in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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