How Many Visits Will It Take to Remove My Tattoo?

If you have decided that your old tattoo is no longer for you, you are probably wondering how many sessions it will take to remove it with laser tattoo removal. This can be a difficult question that can only really be estimated during an initial consultation, but today the crew at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville is looking at some factors that may determine how easily your tattoo can be removed.
Factors That May Take Your Tattoo Longer to Remove
The average time for tattoo removal is several sessions over a period of several months. In some cases, it can take a year or more to remove a more complex tattoo. Some of the other factors that may make a difference one way or the other include the density of the ink in the tattoo, the skin tone of the patient, the location the body, and the general medical health of the skin. It can also matter whether your tattoo is a simple cosmetic accompaniment like permanent makeup or a more complex work of professional artistry. In general, the latter can take as many as 15 sessions to completely remove. However, the succeeding tattoo removal sessions can make it far less noticeable in the interim. It is also not recommended that you smoke or vape during the period of time when you are being treated as this can have a negative effect both on the treatments and the healing process.
General Considerations When Removing a Tattoo
Although laser tattoo removal is not an invasive surgery, it is still a procedure that should be sought with a certain degree of caution. If you have any dermatological condition you should let the practice know as it may have an effect on your tattoo removal treatment. If you have sensitive skin in general, recovery times between procedures may be longer and thus necessarily lengthen the period of time it will take to fully remove your tattoo. Newer procedures such as Enlighten™ and PicoSure™ may be recommended depending on certain factors such as the color of your tattoo and how many sessions you are willing to commit to. Exceptionally large or dark tattoos will probably need to be treated with the older Q-switched laser tattoo removal treatment, which is the most reliable method of fully removing these types of tattoos completely.
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