Get Your Underarm Sweat Under Control with miraDry


If you are working under the hot sun, it is expected that you will likely sweat. The problem comes when people sweat when they are not hot, when they are not exerting themselves, and when they are not under stress. For many people with hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating is a reality of life. Thankfully, they can get their underarm sweat under control with miraDry®.

If you’re constantly worried about whether or not you’re sweating, you are less inclined to be comfortable when associating with friends and family members. You are less inclined to be relaxed, you are less inclined to have the confidence needed to do things that might be considered risky, and you are less inclined to push yourself to new heights and new limits because you are concerned about the effect that your underarm sweat is having on you.

miraDry® is a revolutionary procedure that is helping many individuals reduce underarm sweat. This laser treatment is non-surgical and has been shown to produce results that are effective and that last. The treatment is done in the comfort of our office without any cuts or incisions. Most people are able to have the miraDry® treatments done and then go right back to their everyday life as if nothing had happened.

There are no over-the-counter treatments that are going to provide the permanent results you see with miraDry®. After one treatment, you may notice a drastic decrease in the amount of underarm sweating that you have.

After miraDry® , people have been able to avoid the awkward social and workplace interactions that their excess sweat was causing. They are able to modify their wardrobe and wear clothing that they were afraid to wear before. They are no longer self-conscious that they smell bad and they are no longer self-conscious that they look like they are sweaty all the time.

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