Get a Non-Surgical Facelift with Ultherapy

It’s now possible to radically revitalize your facial skin without having to undergo an invasive procedure. Ultherapy® is a remarkable new treatment that can take years off of the face without tissue removal or cutting. This procedure is FDA-approved and it is capable of lifting the skin under the chin, at the brow and on the neck.

With Ultherapy®, people can enjoy increased confidence and marked improvements in the texture and elasticity of the skin at the face, upper chest and neckline.

Tighten and Tone the Skin for a Fresh and Youthful Appearance

Ultherapy® is an effective alternative to the traditional facelift for tightening and lifting skin that has lost elasticity and has begun to develop the telltale signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed away from the brow, visage and neckline in a safe, simple and virtually risk-free procedure.

With Ultherapy®, ultrasound technology is used to deeply penetrate the dermis, where it can make safe and lasting changes within the foundational tissues for an impressive, structural lift. There are no incisions, no scars and absolutely no recovery time.

Understanding the Ultherapy® Treatment Process

Much like the name of this treatment suggests, Ultherapy® is based on ultrasound therapy. During this procedure, a special tool is used to deliver high-frequency sound waves into the targeted area. These focused waves move down into and through the fibro-muscular tissues, where they have a gentle tightening effect.

This treatment additionally promotes enhanced collagenesis, or collagen production, all the way in the foundation of the skin. Over time, new collagen will further bolster, build and restore the skin so that the targeted areas are firmer, supple and more youthful overall.

One of the major benefits of the advanced ultrasound technologies that is used in Ultherapy® is the ability of the treating professional to actually view the tissues that are being addressed. Given that the thickness of the skin can vary from one person to the next, the ability to see the treated tissues allows for the strategic selection of the most appropriate energy level.

This is far more advanced than dated, non-invasive treatments involving infrared heat that are often wholly reliant upon experience and guesswork.

What to Expect with Ultherapy®

The aesthetic benefits of Ultherapy® treatments gradually become apparent over time. While some patients see noticeable changes in their physical appearances soon after their initial treatments, it usually takes about two to three months for significant changes to occur.

As collagen production increases and the skin becomes healthier, additional improvements will be gained with the full effects becoming apparent at approximately six months. This slow progression of changes makes it difficult for people to know that a person has had any cosmetic treatment at all. Thus, not only is Ultherapy® far less invasive than a facelift, but it is also a very subtle way to refresh the appearance with lasting and natural-looking results.

The results of an Ultherapy® treatment can last up to one and a half years. Best of all, this procedure can be safely paired with a number of complementary cosmetic rejuvenation treatments for optimal effects.

Learn More Today

To get all the facts about Ultherapy® and whether or not it can benefit you, visit Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach. We can assess your unique situation and then determine if this innovative treatment is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and begin your journey to younger-looking skin.

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