Get a Non-Surgical Facelift with Ultherapy

Most people would give just about everything they had if it meant that they could turn back the hands of time. Unfortunately, there is no time machine that allows us to do this. Fortunately, Ultherapy offers us an effective alternative. Many people are referring to Ultherapy as a virtual time machine. It allows people to fix their saggy face and neck skin.

One of the nice things about this treatment is that it is an outpatient procedure. Its whole purpose is to kickstart your body’s collagen production. Collagen is what your body uses to keep your skin healthy, elastic, and firm. When your body’s collagen production is working overtime, you will start to see the aging process move in reverse.

It is interesting to see how just the subtle changes produced by Ultherapy can lead to some serious and drastic results. These subtle changes are what make you look older. For example, if you look at a photograph of yourself from a couple of years ago and compare it to how you look today, much of your facial structure is largely the same. But there have been some small changes. Your skin is now sitting just a few millimeters lower than it did five or ten years ago. But those few millimeters are enough to throw your entire facial proportions off.

When a person sees the way that their skin is drooping and sagging, even if just a little bit, it can be disheartening. And while just about everyone who watches the effects that time has on their face would love to reverse it, not everyone is eager to undergo surgery to fix it. That is why people love Ultherapy. You get effects that mimic those of a facelift without ever needing to go under the knife.

Ultherapy harnesses the power of ultrasound energy. Targeted sonic waves trigger collagen production. As your body produces more collagen, your skin tightens. The technology behind Ultherapy is constantly improving.

Since the procedure is completely non-surgical and non-invasive, you won’t have to worry about significant discomfort or downtime. All you have to do is watch and enjoy as your results continue to improve for months after your treatment. Better yet, this gentle, FDA-approved treatment isn’t just limited to the face and neck; it can also be used on the brow, chin, and decolletage.

If Ultherapy sounds like the right treatment for you, Dr. Lezaic can help you learn more about it during your consultation with us at Laser Skin Solutions. We are located in Jacksonville and are pleased to serve the area with a wide variety of comprehensive cosmetic procedures. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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