Four Signs to Help You Identify Sensitive Skin

At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, we are the experts in identifying sensitive skin. It’s common for patients to wonder if they have sensitive skin after trying numerous products on the market and having the same reaction each time. If you experience stinging, burning, or excessive breakouts after using over-the-counter products, your skin may be sensitive and require specialized treatment to prevent irritation. Here are four signs to help you identify your skin type.
1. Fragrances Give You Rashes
It’s extremely common for people with sensitive skin to experience burning, itching, or rashes when using any scented products. This includes face wash, lotions, bath oils, and body wash.
A skin care professional can offer products and treatments specially designed for your sensitive skin type with no added fragrance. This can save you time and money trying to find effective products that don’t cause further irritation.
2. You Experience Dryness or Dry Patches
Hydration is an important part of healthy skin. When your skin has trouble retaining moisture this can lead to annoying issues like tightness, itchiness, and flaky skin. If you are constantly battling dry skin with no relief, it’s likely you have sensitive skin. A skin care professional can assist you in treatment options that hydrate and heal your skin.
3. You Suffer from Allergies
Allergy sufferers must be extra careful with the products they use, especially if they are allergic to common ingredients in beauty products. Even products labeled “hypoallergenic” may contain trace ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Allergy-prone skin means your skin requires special care. If this is the case, seeing a skin care professional is your best and safest option.
4. You Experience Breakouts and Bumps
If you experience breakouts and bumpy skin when using over-the-counter products, this is a good indication that you have sensitive skin. People often assume the breakouts and bumps they experience will get better over time. While it’s true there is an adjustment period with new products, prolonged irritation should never occur with the correct treatment. If you have difficulty finding products and skin care treatments that don’t cause breakouts and blemishes, you probably have a sensitive skin type.
While no one wants to deal with sensitive skin issues, there are solutions. Dr. Lazaic and her team at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL can help you identify your skin type and find treatment options that are right for you. Give us a call to schedule your consultation about sensitive skin causes today!

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