Eliminate Your Double Chin with Kybella


Do you feel satisfied with your weight loss? Most people who have lost weight feel happy that they were able to reach their goal. However, when they look in the mirror and see the results, they do not necessarily feel satisfied. This is especially the case if they have pockets of fat on their body that will not budge no matter what they do. One of the most common areas for a person to have fat that will not budge or respond to diet and exercise is under the chin. Kybella™ provides a nonsurgical way to get rid of excess fat under the chin.

If you have lost a considerable amount of weight, you may have had this same experience. You feel great about improving your health after losing weight. You may also love the way that your clothes fit. However, when you look in the mirror and see the area right under your chin, you may feel anything but happy. There is still a lot of jiggle in that area. If this is the case for you, you may be able to benefit from Kybella™.

Kybella™ is injected under the chin and is designed to get rid of pockets of fat in the area. It is great for individuals who are active and have tried to lose weight over their entire body. They feel frustrated with the results that they got because while their body looks great, their neck still has a lot of fat. This is also a good option for those who have always struggled with excess fat under the chin, no matter what weight they are.

When you come in for your first consultation, we will help you decide if this procedure is right for you. Should you decide you would like to receive Kybella™, we will explain in detail what to expect with the treatment.

Once it is determined that Kybella™ is right for you, you will come in for your actual treatment. The number of treatment sessions needed will depend on your specific situation, but most patients see noticeable results after two to four treatments spaced about a month apart. Kybella™ works by disabling the fat cells in the treated area, preventing them from accumulating and storing fat. Many patients even notice that maintaining a stable weight after treatment lets their results last even longer.

Kybella™ may be all that you need in order to feel completely satisfied with your weight loss plan. It even works if you have always been at a healthy weight but have consistently struggled with excess fat under the chin. At Laser Skin Solutions, our professional medical team is trained and ready to provide patients in Jacksonville with the highest level of aesthetic care. Get ready to say goodbye to that stubborn fat. To learn more about the benefits of Kybella™, schedule your consultation with us today!

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