Does TruSculpt Work With Any Skin Type?

Washboard abs have always been hard to come by, until now. At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL, we offer Trusculpt 3D, a revolutionary body contouring treatment that helps dissolve stubborn fat in the locations that need it most: the abdomen and the flanks. Thanks to this effective, fat-burning treatment, you can finally get that six-pack and showcase your midsection with pride.

Does TruSculpt 3D Work With Any Skin Type?

The benefit of this body contouring treatment is that it works on all skin types, even on skin with tattoos. No one skin type is excluded from this treatment; it is open to those with all different skin types. Regardless of whether you have sensitive or acne-prone skin or anything in-between, this treatment will not negatively impact your skin itself in any way. It will target and treat stubborn fat cells in the abdomen area without hurting the surrounding skin or tissues.

What Is TruSculpt 3D?

TruSculpt 3D is a body contouring treatment that heats fat cells with radiofrequency heat energy and then destroys those cells. It is a device equipped with a handpiece that emits radiofrequency energy at a controlled temperature to kill fat cells so the body can remove them naturally.

How Does It Work?

This treatment uses radio-frequency energy, which is the gold standard when it comes to noninvasive fat reduction treatments. It uses precise yet controlled heating at certain skin depths to effectively destroy fat cells. Once these fat cells are destroyed, the body removes them over several weeks via the lymphatic system. As these fat cells are removed, you will see your problem areas become slimmer, more defined, and contoured.

What Areas Can It Treat?

This treatment effectively targets and destroys fat cells in the midsection and abdomen as well as the love handles or flanks. If you have additional areas of your body with stubborn fat that you want to treat, you can discuss them with Dr. Lezaic during your initial consultation.

How Many Treatments Will I Need for the Best Results?

The total number of treatments needed to get the best results entirely depends on what areas you want to treat, as well as your body composition. We typically advise patients to schedule two to three treatments every four to eight weeks for best results. This is a convenient and manageable treatment schedule that will not monopolize your time and schedule but will deliver some amazing results.

How Much Fat Can I Lose?

Everyone who commits to this treatment has one pressing question. Patients want to know just how much fat they can lose from this treatment. Most patients lose up to 24 percent of the total fat volume in their treatment area. Best results come from following your unique treatment plan and attending the recommended number of sessions that will help you effectively target that stubborn fat in your problem areas.

Will I Need to Prepare for My Appointment?

There is nothing that you need to do in advance to prepare for your appointment. All you have to do is show up, and we will take care of the rest. You can wear loose clothing so that you are comfortable during the entire process. Most patients arrive in activewear so that they can feel comfortable during their treatment.

What Can I Expect During a Treatment?

Before your treatment, you will undergo an initial consultation with Dr. Lezaic, who will help identify which area of the body will benefit from treatment. She will also review your treatment goals, discuss the treatment and the type of results you can expect, and confirm that you are a good candidate for treatment. Then, we will schedule your first appointment.

When you arrive, Dr. Lezaic will prepare your treatment areas and then begin the process by applying the truSculpt handheld device to the skin on the treatment area. Once the device makes contact with the skin, it will deliver gentle energy pulses to the area. These pulses last four minutes each, and then she will move the device to another area for another four minutes. This process will continue until all of your target areas have received adequate energy pulses.

A Comfortable Process

As the treatment process progresses, we will carefully monitor the device and its temperatures to ensure optimal comfort during the entire process. Most patients do not require any kind of topical anesthetics or active cooling to endure the treatment comfortably. You can simply lie back and relax during the treatment and rest in the fact that you are one step closer to the defined and contoured midsection of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Sessions Take?

Depending on how many areas you choose to treat, your session should last approximately 60 minutes. When you come in for your initial consultation, we can give you a better idea of how long you can expect your treatment to take. This treatment is a convenient way to target fat, but it will not monopolize your time. You will spend an hour or less at each session, but you will be losing fat in your treatment much faster than you would at the gym.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment. You can resume your normal daily activities immediately after your session is complete. During your initial consultation, Dr. Lezaic will review the entire treatment and will tell you exactly what you can expect post-treatment so that you know what to expect when you walk into your appointment.

Are Results Permanent?

Once you undergo this treatment and the radiofrequency energy effectively destroys the fat cells in your target areas, those cells will be gone for good. They will not return, but that does not mean that any existing fat cells in the area will not expand if you happen to gain weight post-treatment. You are responsible for maintaining your results.

Most patients have no problem maintaining their results because they are already committed to a healthy lifestyle before starting this treatment. They also love their results so much that they motivate them to continue striving toward looking their best day in and day out. Eating a healthy diet and exercising consistently is the best way to avoid weight gain, which will negatively impact your results.

Is It Safe?

This treatment is FDA-approved to target and treat stubborn fat. It provides men and women with a way to finally reach their goals and break through their body plateaus. It is a completely safe option that is highly controlled with no adverse risks or side effects. You can rest assured that you choose a safe and effective treatment that will deliver results when you choose this treatment to meet your body goals.

What Are the Benefits?

Increased Confidence

Areas with stubborn fat can negatively impact your confidence in many ways. When abdominal fat is one of your primary concerns, it can keep you from wearing certain clothes, attending pool parties, and even swimming while on vacation.

However, this treatment can change everything. It can give you the confidence that you need to wear the clothes you never thought you could, put on a swimsuit with pride, and enjoy your life free from the self-consciousness that comes when you are not happy with the appearance of your midsection.

It’s Noninvasive

When you schedule this treatment, you will not have to plan around downtime, go under anesthesia, or endure a long recovery. You can simply show up, undergo treatment, and return home. You won’t need anyone to drive you to and from your treatment. It will be like showing to the gym, minus the working out part.

You’ll Look and Feel Better

Once your body removes the dead fat cells from your target area, you’ll begin to see a change in that area. You’ll look and feel slimmer and lose inches as the total fat volume in the area decreases. Your clothes will fit better, and you may drop a size or two based on which area you treat. You’ll feel more confident in a swimsuit and in those clothes that you may have never felt bold enough to wear.

Decreased Frustration

When stubborn fat stands between you and your goals, it can be frustrating, to say the least. When you finally reach your body goals and get a tighter and toned core, you won’t feel that frustration that comes when your diet and your exercise routine don’t make a dent in affecting your stubborn fat.

More Muscle Definition

It’s no secret that layers of stubborn fat can keep you from your goals, but they can also hide your muscle definition. Some patients who come in for treatment can finally see their six-pack because TruSculpt gets rid of the fat that’s been hiding that definition for years. Additionally, any further muscle gains will be far more evident in your treatment area because you won’t have to break through a layer of fat to see those gains.

Who Is a Candidate?

Patients who are at or near their goal weight are the best candidates for this treatment. This treatment is intended to help fine-tune areas of the body with stubborn fat. It is not a weight-loss treatment, nor can it help treat and remove large, widespread areas of fat.  The best candidates have realistic expectations and an awareness of what this treatment can and cannot do.

Ideal candidates should have a BMI of less than 30 and have areas of stubborn fat that they cannot address with diet and exercise alone. Whether you have finally reached your goal weight, have lost a significant amount of weight, or are a fitness enthusiast who needs to target that last bit of fat, we can help you reach your body goals in just a few short treatments.

Who Isn’t a Candidate?

TruSculpt is safe for most patients, but some individuals do not qualify for this treatment due to safety precautions. The following individuals do not qualify for treatment:
* Pregnant or nursing women
* Those who qualify as obese
* Individuals with cardiac pacemakers
* Those with internal defibrillators
* Individuals who have either malignant or benign tumors in their planned treatment area
* Individuals who have any type of metallic implants in the planned treatment area, such as joint replacements

Begin Your Body Contouring Treatments Today

You don’t have to live in the gym or do hundreds of crunches every day to get a tighter, flatter midsection. TruSculpt 3D will help you reach your body goals quickly and effectively without a single crunch. Contact us today at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL, to learn more about this revolutionary treatment and schedule your initial consultation today.

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