Defy Aging Non-Surgically with Ultherapy

Tightening and toning the skin often requires something in addition to diet and exercise. Small alterations to the body’s contours to achieve a shapelier appearance and diminish visible sagging and bulging is best achieved by stimulating healthier tissue growth in the areas of concern. Ultherapy® is a rather new technique based on a time-tested approach. Sound energy, specifically ultrasound, can actually kickstart the skin’s rejuvenation process.

We are often asked how sound energy can help tighten skin and reduce the visible signs of sags and bulges. It would seem that getting rid of excess fat is the answer. In truth, fat deposits are often not the cause of the problem. The subdermal tissues are too spongy and need reinforcement. This is where Ultherapy® comes in.

How Ultherapy® Works

Ultrasound energy is focused and penetrates through the skin. The energy is absorbed deeper below, which is why we get such clear pictures of a fetus in the womb or a bone beneath the muscles.

The delivery of ultrasound energy also stimulates tissue production. The absorption of sound energy by certain tissues is a signal to the body that something needs to be repaired. When properly calibrated, the handheld Ultherapy® wand can deliver just the right amount of sound energy to get the rejuvenation process started.

What to Expect

Treatment always begins with a consultation. We examine the areas of concern and note the amount of sagging, how loose the skin is and whether bulging or unsightly contours are caused by fat buildup or generally loose subdermal tissues. The skin itself can be tightened with Ultherapy® because the process also stimulates increased amounts of collagen in and beneath the skin.

We schedule a treatment session at a time that is agreeable to the client. We pass the handheld wand over the skin very slowly and carefully deliver the ultrasound energy to each area to be treated. The sensation is something like getting a hot flash on the skin surface, but no discomfort is felt.

The energy passes right through the skin and is absorbed by the subdermal tissues. The body responds by using available nutrients to accelerate the production of collagen, subcutaneous tissues and even blood capillaries. After treatment, which usually takes less than one hour, the client will immediately notice a slight improvement in the overall texture of the skin.

The process of rejuvenation and collagen production continues for weeks afterward. Visual improvement in the treated area becomes more and more apparent. The results last for months, sometimes a year or more.

No Surgery, No Needles

Unlike other skin toning procedures, Ultherapy® doesn’t require any invasive measures. No chemical infusions, no skin abrasion and no lasers are used. Sound energy does the work, and there’s no downtime for the client after treatment.

Find Out More About Ultherapy

If the idea of surgery, lasers, chemical treatments or skin ablation makes you feel queasy, there’s a great alternative. Ultherapy® provided by the professionals at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville can help you easily and comfortably reverse the signs of aging. Contact our office in Jacksonville Beach today to learn more about how this treatment can help you achieve the skin tightening and contour alterations you desire.

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