Cosmetic Benefits of BOTOX


BOTOX® is a treatment that can be used to smooth the facial skin so that dynamic wrinkles like crow’s feet don’t appear, making you look years younger. The secret to BOTOX® is how the purified protein solution works to affect the nerves that control facial muscles. As a result, the muscles are temporarily relaxed.

This is a simple, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can help you restore your self-confidence. Nobody likes those annoying smile lines and tiny dynamic wrinkles that form when the face is contorted into a frown, smile or other expression. Smoother facial skin is realized after a single BOTOX® treatment.

What are the Benefits?

A surgical facelift procedure is rather complicated and involves repositioning of skin and subdermal tissues. Many individuals simply aren’t ready for such a procedure and, therefore, look to simpler alternatives. BOTOX® is suitable for all skin types because it doesn’t use plumping compounds, bleaching agents or abrasive crystals. It does not involve surgery of any kind.

The most common facial skin problems in mature adults include tiny wrinkles that form around the perimeter of the mouth and eyes. These become much more apparent when the facial muscles are contracted, and that is why they are referred to as dynamic wrinkles. BOTOX® smooths the skin in these areas by allowing the facial muscles to remain quite relaxed. The individual can still frown and smile, and the sensitivity of the facial skin remains unaffected.

These treatments have another advantage over other procedures. The facial muscles actually become trained to stay relaxed. This means that subsequent BOTOX® treatments require the use of less and less of the solution.

How BOTOX® Works to Eliminate Dynamic Wrinkles

We consult with the client and ask that several facial expressions be made. Smiling and frowning allows us to see where the wrinkling occurs and also lets us determine the proper injection sites.

During the treatment itself, the solution is skillfully injected beneath the preselected area. The fluid goes to work to affect the nerve endings that control muscle contractions. The full effect of the BOTOX® solution takes place over the next three or four days. Afterwards, the client can still smile, frown or make other expressions, but the facial skin remains smooth. The result is less dynamic wrinkling.

There is no downtime after a BOTOX® treatment. The client can resume most normal activities at once. These treatments can be repeated as necessary at our office.

Get Results Without Surgery

This is one of the simplest, most effective procedures for smoothing the facial skin. During a consultation at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, you’ll be given all the information about how BOTOX® can improve your appearance. Our office is located in Jacksonville Beach. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more.

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