How Can miraDry Benefit Me?


Many people suffer from the common problem of irregular or excessive underarm sweat. If you suffer from this issue, you understand how thought-consuming and embarrassing it can be. Luckily, there is a professional solution out there that may benefit you. MiraDry is an FDA-cleared and non-invasive treatment that is designed to help individuals who are dealing with excessive underarm sweating.

This is not a treatment that involves using a special lotion, injectable, or any type of surgery. You do not have to worry about long recovery times or excessive downtime. You can simply feel confident knowing that it is going to work because the treatment includes ridding of sweat glands altogether.

You can feel safe and confident using miraDry because you are still going to be able to sweat. You will just not sweat as much as, or at all, under your armpits. Your body has many sweat glands, so your body is still going to be able to perspire and control your temperature by means of other sweat glands. Your body will still be healthy since you will still be able to be release toxins through the other sweat glands that are still functioning properly.

There is a combination of two miraDry treatments that are recommended. During the treatments, a numbing solution is administered under the arm just to ensure there is no discomfort for patients. Then, the device used to administer the treatment is placed under the arm, heated with energy, and gets rid of sweat glands without harming any surrounding skin.

MiraDry is effective in providing patients with lost confidence that underarm sweat has stolen. The situations and activities that were once avoided, is now a possibility again. If excessive underarm sweating has been controlling your life, you can gain control using miraDry.

Get in contact with one of our friendly specialists at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville. We would be more than happy to assist you in exploring the benefits and options of miraDry treatments. Contact us today and schedule a consultation and take the first step toward higher confidence.

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