Advantages of Visiting a Medical Spa


A medical spa may be your answer if you want to achieve a younger look through skin rejuvenation but are uncertain as to which treatment you want. Sometimes, a combination of treatment methods can be beneficial.

Understanding the advantages of visiting a medical spa becomes a little easier when you know something about the causes of the conditions that prompted you to look for skin rejuvenation methods in the first place.

Many people visit a medical spa because they want to get rid of dark spots on the skin that are making them look older than they actually are. While some people refer to these places as age spots, the more accurate term is sun spots. This is because it is highly likely that it was overexposure to the sun that caused these unwanted spots to form.

When you are out in the sun, your skin will produce extra melanin as a way of protecting itself against the harmful effects of UV rays. Since melanin is what provides pigment, more of the substance means darker skin in the form of a tan. Too much time in the sun without adequate protection can eventually cause melanin to gather in small patches in concentrated levels. This causes the appearance of those dark spots that many people seek to have removed. Our medical spa can help by offering a treatment method that best lines up with your particular skin type and condition.

Many people also seek the services of a medical spa to get rid of lines and wrinkles that make them look older. Along with the wrinkles, some sagging of the skin is frequently present as well. This happens because the skin starts to become loose over time due to a lack of an adequate amount of collagen to keep it tight. Collagen is a protein that is produced in the deeper layers of the skin. It serves the purpose of providing fullness and tightness. When its levels drop, the skin will become loose as a result. The key to non-surgical therapy for skin tightening is to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen than it would on its own. This will return the level to something closer to what it was during youth.

If you have active acne or scarring from past cases of it, you can benefit by visiting our medical spa as well. Treatments can help to open clogged pores and fill in any pitted areas that have been caused by acne scars.

Treatments like laser or IPL therapy work by using concentrated pulses of light to produce benefits. As the energy is absorbed, it heats up the skin tissue and encourages collagen to grow and tighten the skin. The energy will also break up the concentrated melanin responsible for causing dark spots.

When you visit Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, you will have the advantage of variety when it comes to choosing the right rejuvenation method for you. A younger look may be easier to obtain than you first thought. Contact us at our office in Jacksonville Beach to learn more about the services our medical spa offers.

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